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20 Minute Drone Recipe

So how do you get magical flight times? Let's show you! This article is here to shed some light on how we did it, and hopefully help you achieve the same results! It's not magic- just good design and properly thought out components. Straying from this formula and you may find yourself getting less than ideal results. FirstĀ a few ingredients-MicroHawk Frame2s Lithium Ion Pack1104-7500kv Motors, in our testing we use T-Motor F10'sGemFan 2540 Tri-Blade PropellersCaddex Rattel Camera.Micro VTX of your choice.Micro Receiver of your choice :)The MicroHawk frame has very skinny arms, and is meant to fit the 2s Lithium Ion pack without obstructing airflow, it is highly recommended- along with supporting up to 3inch props for even longer flight...

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