20 Minute Drone Recipe

So how do you get magical flight times? Let's show you!

This article is here to shed some light on how we did it, and hopefully help you achieve the same results! It's not magic- just good design and properly thought out components. Straying from this formula and you may find yourself getting less than ideal results.

First a few ingredients-
MicroHawk Frame
2s Lithium Ion Pack
104-7500kv Motors, in our testing we use T-Motor F10's
GemFan 2540 Tri-Blade Propellers
Caddex Rattel Camera.
Micro VTX of your choice.
Micro Receiver of your choice :)

The MicroHawk frame has very skinny arms, and is meant to fit the 2s Lithium Ion pack without obstructing airflow, it is highly recommended- along with supporting up to 3inch props for even longer flight times and better performance. 

Our Lithium Ion battery is setup for high amperage discharge- and with it giving us 15-24 minutes of flight time depending on how the machine is flown. Traditionally machines of this size get closer to 2-4 minutes, so this is a substantial improvement. While it's a bit heavier than most, it is still acrobatic enough to power loop and perform any freestyle maneuver the pilot wants.

The motors vary in strength/power, even among the same 1104-7500kv spec, not all are made the same and can have 20-30% variance in the lift they produce- so choose wisely.

We use the Zeus all-in-one board from HGLRC for our FC and ESC's though we've had problems with the 5v regulator on all of our boards, along with bad Gyros mid flight in a couple of them. We're looking at other more reliable solutions and hope to make it avalible in out store for those looking to get a full kit of parts.

GemFan 2540 Propellers give us a good mix of grip, torque, and efficiency. Arguably you can get longer flight times with a dual blade 3inch prop, but we prefer the 2.5inch propeller in our testing.

Camera & VTX wise, it's up to you! We love the Caddex Rattel camera, along with the NameLessRC Micro 400mw VTX- we think this is a great combo for those looking for the best in micro analog fun.

So nothing too out of the ordinary for this setup- and build wise it's a breeze to put together. Stay tuned for a future build post on how we recommend building out this setup!


  • Russell Holt

    what about the GPS for flying missions? i may have missed it, but what is used? what are the options?
    i’m very interested in this build not just for me, but for my friend.
    Russ from Ocala, Florida, USA

  • Richard Knight

    Hello, I did try to place an order for some batteries, but it would not let me buy them as it said they can not be shipped to my address, do you not ship to the United Kingdom?

  • locotarget

    saw the video on rotorriot….wow….thud!! you just dropped the mic, coolest raspberry pi project ever! just trying to come up with up a stem project for my daughter! this fits the bill awesomely….cannot wait for the build video, thanks for your work!!!!

  • JP

    Awesome battery! any change of a 4s or 6s in the making?

  • Aaron Grimes

    Wow I like the sound of the 20min flight time and looks like a amazing build.
    I will wait till after lock down to buy tho,but a couple of these will soon be mine.
    Can’t wait.

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