Get ready, skynet is coming!

We've been hard at work testing hardware for out MicroHawk ktis, finding the best combo possible to create the most versatile drone development kit. This has taken a lot of time and dedication over the months, and now all the parts are ordered for us to stock these new kits including everything you need to build your own, all from one place!

We've been working on full autonomy, plus support for a full linux computer on board for various functionality that is hard to find elsewhere. All the while having 20+ minutes of flight time, and 2.4ghz telemetry for control via phone, computer, and or with a standard transmitter... and doing it all in a size that is safe to people in crashes, along with being under the FAA's registration limit for drones- opening up the skies for more missions!  

(Pictured: ThermalHawk, War Hawk, and AcroHawk Prototype configurations)
ThermalHawk features a thermal imaging camera with streaming- WarHawk is setup for Wardriving and MITM Attacks - and the AcroHawk is a full acro fun fly machine!

Stay tuned as the website will get progressively updated over the next few weeks to include all the parts needed for the base kit, including high quality custom motors for better efficiency. Along with taking our 2s batteries out of experimental phase and manufacturing another batch here in San Diego, CA.

The MicroHawk kit is a beta-release, we're still tuning out the autonomous aspect of the system for the best flight performance and will start including a custom flashed INAV flight controller that is pre-setup, so it's essentially plug and play without all the hassle of tuning and setting it up yourself- making it easier to get in the air and developing out new projects!

Stay tuned Outcasts