Autonomous Missions are HERE!

We're proud to announce we've dialed in the MicroHawk for autonomous flight!

Outcast has started carrying the GPS Module to make it happen for everyone out there! We are still hard at work tuning out INAV for a 2.5inch Micro setup, almost every setting has had to be changed from stock to get this to work correctly- and we're excited to say we'll be offering a pre-flashed and configured flight controller soon to take the hassle out of making it work! 

We've also added our preferred camera to our store, and will be adding other parts shortly building up to the initial release of our kits. Ensuring that people can get replacement parts for the hardware on release.

In a future post we'll showcase the mission planning, and how it flies- along with talking about how to setup and calibrate the FC out of the box for flying with the MicroHawk. We're excited for this kit, and confident that nothing else on the market compares to the size and capability that this offers.