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ZoeFPV heads up Outcast Droneworks

Zoe Stumbaugh is a drone competition veteran having competed in every kind of drone event-- from combat to drone racing her skills on the sticks are world renown. Having won the first AMA Sanctioned FPV race in the USA- competing internationally in Freestyle, the godmother of 3D drone flying, and a core founder of X Class Drone Racing. Having worked with many of the largest names in the industry- Zoe is looking to forge a new path with Outcast Droneworks to bring innovative products to market. Active TitlesFounder - X Class Drone RacingAdvocate -  Diversity in DronesCore Member of the FPV Freedom CoalitionUAS Technical Advisor - Hess Systems Awards1st Place - First AMA Sanctioned Drone Race in the US3rd Place - X...

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