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I am writing this letter to announce the closure of Outcast Droneworks. I have taken over all of the Outcast Droneworks accounts and social media accounts as of today. We have worked to try to make Outcast Droneworks a great place for all hobbyist. We are aware there is a dissatisfaction with the quality of the MicroHawk frame due to the wrong measurements being sent to the manufacturer, and apparently sent out without quality assurance. As a gesture of goodwill, I have been working today to get those frames remade for everyone who purchased a MicroHawk Kit or Individual Frame. There will be a quality assurance test for the frames prior to exiting our facility, we are not taking your dissatisfaction lightly. We are already working to improve our internal process and recognize what went wrong. Next Friday 10/02/2020 @ 3PM PST, I will be releasing the wiring diagram, and the following instruction videos that was never finished thru: Setting Up the Waypoints on the Pi, Connecting the Flight Controller to the Pi, How to Set Up Telemetry Through the Rasberry Pi Zero, and How to Set Up the Hotspot on the Rasberry Pi Zero. If you had any other issues, or questions about the closure of the company you can contact me anytime thru email or text/call my mobile phone. On behalf of Outcast Droneworks, please kindly accept our sincere apologies for not being able to provide you the highest standard. Crystal Lee Hess cell (701) 999 - 8088

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