MicroHawk Complete Maker Kit
MicroHawk Complete Maker Kit
MicroHawk Complete Maker Kit

MicroHawk Complete Maker Kit

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** Kits are on pre-order, due to part shortage from COVID-19 it may take up several weeks to get all kits shipped out **

This is the MicroHawk Maker Bot Kit. Discounted as a complete kit, making it cheaper than purchasing the parts individually, making for a great deal! This kit comes in two version, Acro Kit with BetaFlight firmware and the full autonomous Maker Kit using INAV including GPS, Telemetry Module, and companion Raspberry Pi.

This build is capable of 20+ minutes of flight, with an average of 15 minutes of freestyle fun. It includes everything you need to build your own(including battery), just add your own transmitter and goggles- and you're good to go!

Acro Kit Includes:

Maker Kit Adds:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • GPS Module
  • Telemetry Module
  • Flight Controller Pre-Flashed to INAV

Check out are build video of the MicroHawk Acro Kit:


All orders will be fulfilled as parts come into stock. This is for the v1.0 kits, kit parts may change going forward as updates happen, including better hardware. Customers will be notified if this occurs. v1.1 may include a new receiver / telemetry module