Unicorn by ZoeFPV
Unicorn by ZoeFPV
Unicorn by ZoeFPV
Unicorn by ZoeFPV
Unicorn by ZoeFPV

Unicorn by ZoeFPV

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The one and only Unicorn airframe by ZoeFPV- A frame concept at one point deemed to difficult to design- it has influences from the entire industry taking what’s best and distilling it into perfection. Neutral center of gravity featuring a top deck battery mount, along with a built in GoPro seat on the Unicorn horn. The Hooves feature three bolt motor mounting, saving additional weight and making room for a future frame bumper. The rear features a direct, optional antenna mount. 

Over two years in the making- an original frame concept from ZoeFPV. The unicorn frame started out from humble beginnings and has evolved into the mythical beast it has become today.

What took so long? the design is unique, having a new style of rail system that requires high precision for a great fit. Plus months of crash testing, first frames were cut in early 2019- undergoing extensive changes, from more streamlined arms- curved inside edges for durability, increased arm plate width, CG adjustments, and overall many small changes for durability.

While it may not be the most durable frame on the market, it handles its own with 6mm arms, and a 12mm core coming in at a lightweight 110 grams in a minimalist configuration.

What's Included: The Unicorn frame by Zoe FPV is designed, sourced, and packaged by the pilot herself. With over a year in development, with several iterations of the design before going to market to try and ensure the best possible experience out of the bag.

Carbon Parts
X4 6mm Arms
X2 3mm Arm Plates
X2 3mm Top Rail
X2 3mm Bottom Rail
X2 2mm Bottom Plates
X1 2mm Top Plate
X1 2mm Back Plate

Hardware Pack
X16 3mm Washer - Stack Washers (for spacing)
X12 3x8mm Cap Head Screws - Motor Screws
X12 3x5mm Standoffs - Rail spacers, and stack standoffs
X2 3x20mm Standoffs - Rail standoffs
X8 3x16mm Cap Heads - Rail Screws - Stack Inner Screws
X4 3x5mm Cap Heads - Stack Top Screws
X4 3x24mm Cap Heads - Outer Stack Screws
X4 3mm Nylock Nut - Arm Nuts
X2 2x4mm Cap Hex Screws - Camera Mount Screws 

X1 Unicorn Canvas Bag
X1 Unicorn Poop Candy
X1 Unicorn Sticker Sheet
X1 Zoe Sticker Sheet
X`8 Tissue Paper

Check out the Unicorn airframe ripping around the abandoned Rock-A-Hoola waterpark! All frames and products in stock now ship within 2-3 Business Days!